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    Hi Everyone,

    Seen as there currently is not an official ShadowBlox server I figured it would be a good idea to allow people to promote their own servers. This is the section of the forum where you can do that. Please follow the few rules below but other than that, you're free to do whatever you want (Within reason):

    Things To Do
    1. Create one thread per person per server.
    2. Post your server name an IP.
    3. Post what features/ plugins you have.
    4. Post pictures and videos.

    Things Not To Do
    1. One thread per person per server only please.
    2. Don't spam.
    3. Don't disrespect or disregard other servers.
    4. Everything you post must be accurate and not exaggerated. In other words don't say you have plugins/ features that don't currently work.
    5. No grief/ hack clans or anything of similar nature.

    Thank you for sharing your servers!

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